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Avalon Magazine issue 43Published in the ancient Isle of Avalon itself, this unique glossy magazine is for anyone who knows or believes Avalon to be their spiritual home.

About half our articles are linked in some way to this magical Celtic homeland, where the mists still rise around the ancient labyrinth on the slopes of the Tor, and where legends, mysteries and miracles abound. Other articles range across a vast landscape of spiritual, mystical, offbeat, Pagan, personal-experience, otherworldly and New Age subjects.

AVALON magazine was founded in 1995, and is published three times a year by a small, friendly team of unpaid volunteers. Each issue contains between twelve and fifteen major articles, plus a calendar of events, book reviews etc. - and an editorial which is a mini-article in itself!

UK residents can subscribe for a year by sending their name and address with a cheque for £10.50 (made out to 'Avalon Magazine') to:

Avalon Magazine
PO Box 3314

Single copies, back issues and advertising space are available from the same address. Non-UK residents can obtain copies from www.witchcraftshop.co.uk.

Welcome to Avalon ... and welcome to AVALON magazine!


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